Aiko Kobayashi Fiber Art & 'Textile Tours' to Guatemala

Custom hand weavings and personalized tours in the land of the Maya

Spanish Lanuage Schools in Guatemala

CENTRO LINGUISTICO ATABAL 1a. Avenida Norte No. 6 Antigua Guatemala

Atabal is a friendly small and economical school dedicated to teaching the Spanish language. Many of the school's students are Japanese as the co-owner of the school is from Japan. Find out more about the school at:


Non Profit Support Organizations

FOTOKIDS (formerly Out of the Dump) Guatemala City, Santiago Atitlan and Honduras

Fotokids is a wonderful, small NGO that teaches very poor kids as young as age 7 photography and graphic design. An aim of the program is to support education in general and a requirement is that students stay in school. Find out more at:

Here's a video about the founder of Fotokids, Nancy McGirr:

and here Nancy speaks about the project in a TED talk: click here 



 Conference of Northern California Handweavers

Aiko was the featured artist on the website for the Conference of Northern California Handweavers June 2010.    Click here to see: link



Friends and Worth a Click Sites

Mio Ohashi- graphic designer:

みおちゃんは、私の友人の友人のお嬢さん.ミオはスペイン語で私のものって言う意味だけど、誰も今のところそんなこと言ってないでしょうね? 彼女のイラストそのままの雰囲気で、おしゃれ心がいっぱい.そよ風のような感性だと思っています.一緒に行ったメキシコのオアハカの旅はいい思い出ですね.


Aiko's email address:


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