Aiko Kobayashi Fiber Art & 'Textile Tours' to Guatemala

Custom hand weavings and personalized tours in the land of the Maya

About Aiko

   Aiko Kobayashi Gray is a textile artist. She was born in Japan, and studied oil painting at the Jyoshibi Art College in Tokyo, Japan. She studied, traveled and lived in Europe and Central America to widen her artistic experience. During her travels she was inspired by a wide variety of textiles. She began her textile artist career in the early 1970's. Her tapestries and scarves are woven with natural cotton, linen fiber, wool and silk. Her unique style and the combination of the various materials give life to her own working theme- "The Experience of the Journey"- in her textile work. She weaves her tapestries with her memories reflecting on the certain times and places from her explorations, -- desert winds from Andalusia, riotous colors from Guatemala and playful images of children and animals closer to home... These visual scenes are all harmoniously woven together in her poetic and fantastical world of tapestry. Aiko has been showing her work in many galleries in Japan, Spain and in the San Francisco Bay Area.

   Aiko has been creating textile art, wallhangings, sweaters and scarves for over 30 years, working out of her Walnut Creek, Northern California studio since 1998. On her first visit in 1985 she fell in love with Guatemala and with it's rich culture of hand woven textiles. She lived in Antigua Guatemala for a couple of years and returns once or twice a year to study textile history from the many master weavers in the country and to add to her Mayan textile collection.

   Aiko often take small groups of like minded people with her. The group travels around the country in a private van visiting Indigenous weavers and sites of interest, Mayan ruins, Indigenous markets and highland Mayan villages. Guatemala is a breathtakingly beautiful country and Aiko enjoys introducing the country to fellow weavers and folks interested in the richness of Mayan culture. Check the Upcoming Textile Trips page. 

Aiko speaks Japanese, Spanish and English.

Aiko was the featured artist on the website for the Conference of Northern California Handweavers June 2010.                                                               Click here to see:

 If you are interested in either purchasing some work or learning more about upcoming trips to Guatemala (usually 10 to 14 days) please be in touch at: